Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Long Walk.....

Wow! i haven't blogged since Feb 22nd 2011......

I've been away from everything for the past 6 took over my life but i'm so glad it did because progression and success are the key points to i lying? ... After Xmas, college just got so intense everything had to give! but i would say it was for the good because i learnt so much about myself over these past 6 months...i witnessed how everything is mind over matter...i came so close to quitting both the journalism and's amazing what self doubt can do to your mind state! But, i'm so glad that i took myself to a place where i was basically on the edge...drama in my personal life just flipped everything upside down...but coming through it successfully has shown me that i can overcome all the hurdles that are thrown at me and i can do anything i put my head to!

These past 6 months have been so crap...not physically been able to interview or review and keep up to date with the latest was crap....well in all honesty, it was bloody shit!! Mentally having ideas but physically not been able to action them was pants!! I felt like i was letting myself and my teams down so much! But, had to be done!

The music scene is MAD right now!! Grime has definitely got it's buzz back...well it never really went anywhere but right now it's gwarninnnn!!! Jammer has definitely helped, with the re-ignition of the fire that is Lord of the Mics 3...the hype sessions...HYPEEEEEE!!!...NoLay's hype session with OGNiki definitely caused the most attention, obviously there was only ONE winner....NoLay ended everything in under a was like Lennox Lewis vs. Prince Naseem....LOOOOOL! #GameOver!!!

The uk rap scene is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! from the headliners like Giggs...K Koke....Blade Brown and all the way rappers are gwarnin right now!! so much talent it's UNREAL!!! Finally the scene is gaining the recognition that it deserves!!! check out for all the latest news, releases, downloads and interviews from the uk rap scene :)

I'l be dropping videos and reviews and stuff up here....aswell as on StreetsOnDemand & UKRapMusic :)

Oh & some of the videos on my previous posts may not work....beyond my control